A-frame mast catamaran

The idea, a go anywhere boat, for the lowest costs possible, light,  fast, easy  to build  and cheap to maintain.
The boat is a wood/glass/Epoxy composite construction. Easy to build by amateurs and professionals alike.  
The boat sports a-symmetrical hulls in the tradition of the  famous CSK designs.
The length of the boat is 12 meters (40feet). This is also the waterline length. To have easy sea motion the forward ship and transom area is kept very light. But the boat has all the amenities for six persons for long journeys. The geodetic deck house is strong and easy to build. The height in the deckhouse is 1,9 m otherwise between 2,1 and 1,85m.
Every effort was made to keep the costs low. This is the reason I designed the A-frame mast which can be built from glass fiber flag poles. This will lower the cost for the rig, one of the biggest posts, by 70 %. The mast can be set or lowered by yourself. The mast folds forwards.
You can choose between a roll reef main or the battened mainsail.
Maintenance and running costs are low by design.

The boat has a draft of only 60 cm (2 feet), the rudders up.
Falling try can be done without drama.
The possibility to anchor in small protected coves with not a lot of water is unusual for a boat of this size. So you can avoid expensive ports. The maintenance of wood/Epoxy boats is in general very low. For example, our Pelican needed no repainting after 12 years when we sold here.

The plans consists of 45 CAD drawings mostly to scale
1 : 1 and a construction manual. Construction time can/will vary greatly depending of your experience. But around 2500 hours are realistic.
Voyager lay out

Length over all              12    m  (ex. Rudders)
Length water line            11,95 m

Beam center/center            5    m 
Beam over all                 6,2  m
Draft rudders up              0,6  m
Rudders down                  0,8  m
Sail area roll main          56    m�
Sail area battened mains     69    m�
Genoa                        53    m�
Weight empty                 3100  kg
Load                         1900  kg
Bridge deck clearance         0,7  m
Base speed over a 24 hour period
Standard sail area  56 m�  = 10,4 knots
Genoa + mainsail    98 m�  =   11,8 knots
Maximal righting moment      14250 kg

updated 10/21/2021
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      All rights reserved

PLANS  US $ 1980,-
18 pages of information , example drawing, list of materials to calculate costs
Hull turning