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    P5000     is back
I lost all documentations and the plan for this very special catamaran. Some days ago, a long time client, was sending me the complete plan and documentation he was buying a long time ago. Thanks again. The boat was sponsored for one season from Tenson. Because of other obligations , starting the ZEEMAN and my own Pelican design, the boat was a bit neglected. The boat was very fast and in plane even at low wind speeds. Can be just seen on the photo below. I designed this boat after much research 1988. The idea used was from the research done by Mr. Ludwig Prandtl at the Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt G�ttingen" around 1928. This contract was to develop swimmers with little hydrodynamic resistance. Aircraft in this period were notoriously under powered. I used the results and transmitted them to the P5000 hulls. The point here is that no step in the hulls is necessary. The hump power needed to go in plane is thus much lower, making it ideal for sail propulsion. The secret is in the underwater ship. The shape towards the transom is the secret why this boat planes so easy. So for people who want a fast boat here the plan again for only US $ 45,00

Length :                  5,0 m (ex. Rudders)
Beam max.:                3,80 m
Beam center/center hulls: 2,60 m
L/B ratio hulls           1 : 14,28
Draft dagger boards down: 1,00m
Weight :                  118 kg
Sail area:                15  m2
Delivery consignment: 8 pages construction information instruction and 13 drawings and 12 (difficult to read ) photos.
Delivery: per email