The KD 860 Omega is the open bridge version
of the time-proven KD 860.

The boat is lighter and will be faster. Of you will
built the biplane rig or the sloop rig. All the good
elements are the same as the hull shape with a good
aspect ratio.
The rudder has an automatic system and anti-vortex panels.
They have proven to be perfect leeway pretenders.
One of the good aspects is that the low draft of the
hulls remain. So you can navigate shallow coves
or even beach the boat. The boat is fast, perfect for
comfortable day sailing with your family and friends
or for serious cruising for four persons.

All my designs are (ply)wood, fiberglass, and Epoxy
composite designs.

The most environmentally friendly
construction system. The materials used
are fully recyclable.
The boat is easy to build. Also, for first time
boat builder.
PLANS US $ 390,-
Delivery: 34 pages description
31 DXF drawings
8 photos
                 STUDY PLAN  US $ 15,-
The study plan includes general information,
           a short description dhow to build the boat.
Pictures and two original drawing files.
        The list of drawings and the list of material
        to calculate the costs for the basic boat.
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