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KD 1000
Here the result of a lot of research and    listening to my customers, the KD 1000.  As all my designs the boat is a                   plywood/glass/Epoxy composite                construction. The most cost efficient        system for a light weight construction.      Ideal for amateur construction. No new    trade to learn. Everybody who can work   with a saw and a screwdriver can build     the boat.                                                      
The hulls have a multi chine cross              section with rounded side panels.              Construction time about 400 hours per    hull. The coach roof  is a modified             geodetic construction. The panels are       bend and glued over templates. The roof has 3 layers of 4 mm plywood. Easy to      bent and immense strong after the           Epoxy is cured. The roof is finished with   glass clothes. Some inside stringers are     added at the corners at last. The                quickest way to built a coach roof. It will safe you about 70% of building time in      respect to any other construction              systems.