L.o.a.                        6.20 m*
Beam                          2.50 m 
Draught                       0.23 m
Weight                      410,00 kg 
Weight at design CWL        890.00 kg
Power variable

Construction  plywood/glass/epoxy composite
* depends on engine installation

Construction time about 400 hours
The ECO 62 is a catamaran houseboat. Compared to houseboats of the same size the boat is light and a bit more “seaworthy”*. The load capacity is higher as its own weight ( empty weight 410 kg load capacity 480 kg). The hulls slide easy and effortless through the water. So not much power is needed to propel the boat. Powering the boat depends where the boat is used. The boat can be powered for instance with small electric trolling motors. Example: One at the bow two at the transom. The will have 150 pound of trust good for about 8 km per hour. This is the speed limit on many channels and recreation resorts. Or you can have a surface drive with a 15 HP engine for about US $ 900,00 which will give you about 12 knots of speed. Or on each transom an outboard with about 20 HP. In each hull 2 compartments are reserved for floatation with a total of 1400 liter. Because of the low weight easily trailerable behind a modest sized car .
Building the craft is not difficult. The houseboat can be build in three parts. Most parts need only straight cuts. A hull weights about 50 kg for instance. The cabin has of course the main weight. But these is build up after the bridge deck is done. When the hulls are assembled to the structure. 

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ECO 62 houseboat
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