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Every effort was made to make the boat as easy to build as possible. No jig is necessary to build the hulls. After the outside planking is made (two plywood panels and a bit) The hulls are build flat on a work table or the floor. See sketch. A template is placed under the planking and the keel and the second stringers are glued to the planking. Weight is added to get the bent of the forward area. Then the bulkheads and the keel are added. Then the stringers. At last, the inner planking panels are glued to the structure and the first hull is read.  The comprehensive manual describes every step. All materials would cost about Euro 1000,- in the Netherlands. I can not give prices for other countries. To find out for your country the STUDY PLAN contains besides the folding mechanics, and drawings, the list of materials. Which enables you to find out the costs for your country. PAYPAL BUTTON ON THE RIGHT, costs US $ 10,-

Every effort was made that you have at the end a  seaworthy and fast catamaran.
This is why I opted for a jib rig. Many times the mast, rigging, and sails cost a lot more than the material for the boat itself. The plans show also how to build the mast for the boat.
See layout for the cabin arrangement. This is a proven concept we use for the ECO 55. For the size of the boat a lot of space. The boat is of course unsinkable. The boat can be handled from the cockpit. Road transport will be no problem. A normal car is sufficient to tow the boat. The mast is in a tabernacle and can be set by one person.
The plans consist of 19 CAD drawings (can be used for CNC cutting) and a construction manual (22 pages).
The cost of the plans US $190.- Deliver per email attachment.
For clarity, no stringers are shown

Length                         5.20 m
Beam                           2.50 m
Draft                          0,26 m
draft rudder                   0,60 m
Jib rig, sails                   20 m�
Empty weight                    280 kg
Weight max. CWL                 580 kg
L/B ratio hulls                1 : 14
Power, outboard engine            3 HP

Construction plywood/glass/epoxy composite
Rudder automatic

Construction time about 380 h
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DUO 800 built on a workbench
The inside is comparable to the ECO 55Comparable