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The boats is build in the wood/glass/epoxy system.
Hull shape; from the bow till 4 m round under water shape, from there  trapezoid shape whit sharp corners and anti vortex panels. On the transom the hull is V shaped. The 1 : 1.4 rudders have end plates. These features account for the good handling quality of the PELICAN. The small overhang of the cabin make the boat stable till 90 degree. It is an adaption from the "Bionics cat".
We where living on this boat  for 11 years. We made a lot of interesting passages with the boat. In good and bad weather she handles beautifully. Even in a winter mistral ( force 9 to 10 wind) we where feeling absolute safe. Our medium speed over all our sailing till now is 9.8 knots. The maximum speed on our GBS was 16 knots. Important for us is that the boat sails as close to windward as a very good mono hull but with a draft of only 0.64m. Instead of dagger boards or keels we use anti vortex panels ( to down load article click here ), sort of winglets as used on an aircraft's. The  boat has 2 double bunks and one single bunk on the port side. There is plenty of storage room for long passages. We have only 100 l of water, because we use a water maker.
The PELICAN is an affordable offshore cruising catamaran which can be build from any handy amateur boat builder in the proven wood/epoxy composite construction system.
We chose this design for our self. All sails can be handled from the cockpit, also the mainsail. This is made possible through the vertical furling wishbone gaff rigged main sail. This unique sail is not only easy to handle but also more power full as any other main sail.

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