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MANTA study plans
consists of 20 pages.
Bulkhead construction
Short construction description
Table of contents
List of drawings
List of materials

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L.o.a.:                 12.45  m
L.w.l.:                 11.90  m
L.w.l.(mod.):           12.45  m
Beam  :                  7.10  m
Beam c/c :               5.20  m
Draught  :               0.85  m
Mainsail                42.00  m2
Jib                     28.00 m2
Stay sail               18.00 m2
Reacher                 80.00  m2

Weight empty          4800.00  kg
Weight load c.w.l.    7200.00  kg
Aux.power 2x            22.00  HP

L/B hulls               1 : 12
B/L ratio c/c           48 %
Stability maximum    32000     kg/m
Updated 04/03/2016
The MANTA is the perfect catamaran for passage making and live on board.  No gimmicks only a long distance sailors boat who knows what he need. The original design is from 1988.  This boat
has proven it self in the rough North Atlantic in winter sailing (the first owner had a marina in the Netherlands and could only sailing the winter time).The boat is now stationed in Halifax. An other
is used as professional diving boat in Croatia. I lost track of the others which where built in Asia. For safety reasons the aft beam is closed. The boat shown on the left has 3 double cabins. The port
hull comprises a garage for a motor scooter. The other boat has four cabins. All cabins are very roomy. The salon has sitting areas for up to eight. Under the floors is, besides the two engines, room
for 500 l of water and 300 l of fuel. The medium base speed calculations show a speed of 10,2 knots. The last Atlantic crossing proved the speed prediction. Depending on sea and wind conditions 
speed of around 18 knots is not unusual. Construction is the time proven ply(wood)/glass/epoxy technique. Construction time depends on your skill and will be between 2800 and 3000 hours.
I updated the design in so far that the bows are now more vertical for a longer water line and comprises a new rig. The original cutter rig is also in the plans set. The handling of the cutter rig is
more convenient when the boat is solo sailed and handy in a storm .