I was always fascinated by the old outrigger boats like the Ngalas. By traveling with outrigger boats the Pacific islands where populated. I think, what was good for them, to travel thousands of miles over the open sea and populate the islands of the fast Pacific, will be good enough for us weekend sailors. LITTLE TRI is my interpretation of this type of boats in a “modern” way, because it is also a double outrigger boat.
To build quick, I use PVC irrigation tubes as low volume amas instead of bamboo or canted boards, as would be used in an original outrigger. The rest is easy. The hull is a plywood/glass/Epoxy composite sharpie hull. The easiest shape to build.
When you can use a saw and a brush besides your I-pad you can build this boat and have real fun. As rig I use a low cost Sunfish rig The boat can be build for around $ 1000,00
WHY BUILD THIS BOAT ? She has some very practical features not found on other design. Quick to set up once on your sailing spot. Self draining cockpit.
The big cockpit (2 m x 0,52 m). So one person can sleep comfortable in the cockpit. Big storage areas in the mast- and aft compartment.
Unsinkable, positive floatation hull only =  275 liter.

Time lapse how do

Length:    4.70 m
Beam:      3.80 m
Weight:    75   kg
Sail area: 13 m2
Construction time
about 120 hours
The plans are delivered as 2 PDF brochures with a step by step building instruction (22 pages, 23 photos) and as drawing set of
20 drawings
Plans cost US $ 76,-
* Background image exerpt from a video from Mr. Mike
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