DUO 800 sailing

Loa, Lwl                         8.00 m

Draft                            0.28 m
Beam                             4.25 m
Draft dagger board rudder       0.60 m
Weight empty                  550.00 kg
Weight max. CWL               922.00 kg
Parallel rig version  built in India
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Sloop version


Sail area sloop rig            28.60 m2
Sail area parallel rig         34.60 m2
L : B ratio hulls              1 : 20
L : B ratio boat               52 %
Max. righting moment (RM)     1900 kgm
Max.speed windspeed 20.72 kn21.63 kn computer prediction)
Auxiliary outboard engine 5 HP
Construction time              800 hours
DUO 800               fast coastal trailer sailer
The DUO 800 can be build with a sloop rig or a parallel rig.
Both are very fast coastal cruiser catamaran for the whole family. The parallel rig version will be faster, because the sail area is bigger and the center of effort is lower.
It is the only eight meter cat with a central nacelle on the marked today. The nacelle sleeps four for a weekend outing or three for a holiday trip.
With a purpose built trailer the boat can be set up in about a one hour
Construction is in the (ply)wood/glass/epoxy system. The boat has easy to build a-symmetrical hulls and dagger board rudders. No lofting is required. The beams are made from standard Aluminum tubes for easy of construction.
Even amateurs new to boat building will have no difficulties building this boat. The drawings are CAD drawings.
The plans show two different hulls. The new Mk.II hulls have less a-symmetry and more volume.
The construction description is clear to understand.  The plans includes also the construction of the carbon masts. With the parallel rig boat will be faster and more stable.
Drawings and descriptions are included when ordering the DUO 800 plan. The masts can be build without using vacuum technique!

DUO 800 study plans
consists of 14 pages.
Bulkhead construction
Short construction description
Table of contents
List of drawings
List of materials
US $ 15,-
DUO 800 PLANS SET consists of
38 drawings + 24 pages of building instruction.
Scale of the drawings is 1 : 10 or 1 : 1.
Format DXF files.
4 picture pages  how  to built difficult parts

Price plan  US $  290,