Copyrigth 2016 by B. Kohler
CATAPROA is the registered trademark of B. Kohler, K-designs
I am often asked, how big, small is the cabin. "Impossible to be useful" a many time heard comment. So here the layout and a video of the inside. Surprise, surprise. For sleeping a lid covers the seating area A. I stow the matress forward in a netting.
Grokery, water, cooking gear and the stove can be stored in the storage area. Behind the seat is space for clothing.
The wet locker can be reached from the deck. Here the anchor, chain and ropes can be stored. By the way, in the other hull is also a compartment for deck gears like fenters. If you wish, shelfs can mounted at the cabin sides. For navigation I use 2 tablet computers. The air boxes of both hulls have a volume of 374 liters which make the boat unsinkable.

Take a look at the inside