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CATAPROA is the registered tradmark of B. Kohler, K-designs


length                         4,2 m
length with rudder             4.5 m
beam                           2,3 m
beam transport                 1,6 m
draft dagger board down        0,80m
weight empty                  90     kg
weight CWL                   240   kg
sail area                      7,8 m
engine max.                    2    hp

The boat is a typical plywood/glass cloth/Epoxy composite construction.
Every effort has been made to make the boat as easy to build as possible.
For this reason I use different construction techniques.
The hull parts are taped and then fillets are added.
The system is changed to the usual system with stringers where it is more practical. Like sheer and deck stringers
Next the cabin is made. Observe the cabin top stringers made from two layers of plywood. The is big enough for a seat and to reach the forward locker.
Now all the structure is added like the cockpit, mast step, decks ectera.
Here the boat is ready to be painted. The beams are standard Aluminum square tubes by the way.
Paintjob done. I use polyurethan paint. Long lasting and (almost) maintenance free.
This was building the CATAPROA the quick way ;-) An experienced amateur builder can do the job in 250 hours. But everybody has a different working stile and it can take more time or even less. As mentioned some where else we use the ready available Sunfish rig.  The construction manual is set up in a way that also a first time builder can successful finish this project. The plans consists of the construction manual with 22 photos and the drawing set (24 drawings).